Buy A Land, Build A Villa, and Get Passive Income!

27 March 2020

Buy A Land, Build A Villa, and Get Passive Income!

Have you ever dreamed of owning a plot of land, small paradise in Bali? If so, you are landing on the right page now. Investing in a real estate, buying a land in Bali or lease your land to others, is one of the right things to do to save your money and get passive income during this difficult time. If you want to buy a land to build a villa and get passive income, here are the tips to follow:

1. Knowing the Land Status You Can Choose

As a foreigner, we can invest a land in Bali with leasehold status. This type of land has long term lease contract. The leasehold land can be rented for 25 years and can be extended up to a period of a 70 years. The land also can be sub-leased or rented out to others. Here you can have also a passive income as a foreigner. For locals, they can have a land with freehold status and of course can build a villa on their own land to get more passive income of villa rental service.

2. Environment

When you find a land in Bali that suits your budget and know which land title that suits you, make sure you check how is the environment of the land. Make sure that there is no strange odor from neighborhood, especially if you the land located near factory that is very noisy. When you have a purpose to buy a land and build a villa you should look for a land that is located in a quiet area, near tourists destinations, and even surrounded by luxury properties. Thus can make your rental more expensive in the future and you will automatically

3. Advice from Expert

Are you still cannot find the idea which land is the best for your villa development? We can help you get one! We have many plots that are strategically situated near luxury areas, destinations, main road, or even a beachfront land. Mirah Commercial is managed by Mirah Property, one of the best properties in Bali.

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