Current Tourism Condition Affects Economy Growth in Bali

10 April 2020

Current Tourism Condition Affects Economy Growth in Bali

After bombing and natural disaster, Bali is able to bounced back and grew the tourism sector within a years. But what about coronavirus or covid 19 cases? Does it affects tourism industry in Bali?

Covid 19 of course turns down all business industries including tourism in Bali and all areas in Indonesia, which is actually the main resources of economy growth in Indonesia. It also automatically affects other business industries in Indonesia, except property rental services. The rental service are still exist here in Bali. The demand are growing as many tourists cannot back to their own home town because of lock down issues. Here, maybe we can see the opportunity, about what kind of business that can still running in this crisis.

Building a villa on a Bali land might be a great idea, but you need a long progress to develop your villa. If you have a time and budget, then it’s the right option you can choose. As an alternative, you can actually buy a land and rent/lease it to other companies that need it. From leasing, you can get passive income and save some money from your investment. It is also the right time for you to buy a property or real estate in Bali by taking advantage of the exceptional currency rate! Once the virus gone and Bali tourism rise up, you can get more benefits from your investment in Bali.

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