Digital Platform for Tourism Industry
Post COVID 19 in Indonesia

8 May 2020

Digital Platform for Tourism Industry <br> Post COVID 19 in Indonesia

The travel industry has been dropped significantly since the first COVID 19 cases found in Indonesia. Bali starts to lockdown some areas, close all the hotels, restaurants, and clubs in purpose to reduce the virus spreads at the end of March 2020. Many communities lost their job for a moment because of the hotel’s temporary closure. The tourism industry really affects the economy of Indonesia. Responding to this phenomenon, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio, encourages travel businesses to start creating their own digital platforms. Wishnutama also cooperates with various Indonesia’s tourism stakeholders to create future plan for Indonesia’s travel industry. Besides having a digital platform, it is recommended to have a promotional plan to attract customer’s attention to travel and buy their services right after the pandemic. Focusing on hygiene and comfort, the new concept of tourism aims to encourage people to travel to Indonesia without being fearful.

Actually the promotional plan does not only exist in the tourism industry but also in other business sectors. Most of the real estate and property prices in Bali are now decreased. Some of the property companies in Bali offer a great occasion to invest in Bali at the best price. With the current exchange rate, the property investors in Indonesia could get a high return this year. Referring to this situation, Mirah Commercial offers a large land for sale listing in Bali at a good price. Located in all prime Bali’s locations, our Bali land is not only suitable for your private residence but also suitable for commercial purpose and luxury villa resorts or hotel development in Bali.

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