Instagrammable Places for Your Valentine’s Day in Bali 2020

8 February 2020

Instagrammable Places for Your Valentine’s Day in Bali 2020

Valentine’s day is coming! What’s your plan to celebrate it? Are you in Bali with your partner, friends or family? In Bali, it doesn’t matter who you want to celebrate a special event like valentine’s day with. Let’s have a fun valentine’s day with whoever in Bali. Here are some instagrammable places that we recommend you to visit during valentine’s day:

1. Beachfront dinner in Jimbaran Bali

Have you ever go to Jimbaran? If not, you should try, at least once in a lifetime, taste the Jimbaran’s seafood. Having dinner with your partner or even with friends and family, in front of the beach, will be a good idea to celebrate the 2020′ valentine’s day in Bali. In Jimbaran Beach, you will see various restaurants on the beach, offers BBQ and a super tasty seafood menu. There will be also live music during your dinner time, that brings more fun to enjoy your valentine’s night in Bali

2. Glamping Tent in Ubud

Looking for an adventurous romantic holiday in Bali? Try Glamping or glamorous camping at Ubud Bali. Sandat Glamping Tents offers a perfect romantic holiday for classy couples who like adventure and luxury holidays at the same time. This activity also suits for everybody who comes with friends to Bali and celebrates valentine’s day with a beautiful ambiance.

3. Fine Dining at High-End Restaurants in Seminyak Bali

Bali not only offers outdoor activities to celebrate valentine’s day but also has many indoor places like high-end restaurants in Seminyak Bali. When you arrived on the small route of Seminyak, you will see various restaurants worth to try during your holiday in Bali, especially for celebrating Valentine. You will find promotions occasionally during valentine’s day to enjoy some delicious in Seminyak Bali.

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