Local Traditions Saves Bali
from Being Virus Hot Spot

18 May 2020

Local Traditions Saves Bali <br> from Being Virus Hot Spot

Many people are worried that Bali would be hardly hit by Covid-19 as Bali is the most known tourist destination in Indonesia. But actually, Wayan Koster, as the Governor of Bali who is always watching the virus movement in Bali Land, found a different fact that is shown after months of quarantine. Bali is able to press the spread of COVID-19 with a fatality rate of 1.2%. This number is far below the national average of 6.5%. People in Bali were asked to perform Hindu rituals for protection, as well as mandated the locals to obey their local leaders.

Ngurah Wijaya, an Adviser of the Bali Tourism Board said that the villages have a very strong influence on its local communities (Blomberg, 14 May 2020). Every word said by the elders, the communities will abide. This phenomenon makes the government able to force its policies down to the community more effectively.

On the other hand, the Balinese realize that the tourism industry is the source of their income. That is why they think that they have to take care of themself first before gaining the trust and confidence of the visitors. This grows the positive impact and spirit to get rid of the COVID-19 as faster as possible.

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